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Is it possible to fly to the moon in a bubble of snot? Can you really have an argument with a cloud? Are there bogey monsters at the bottom of the garden? All these questions and more are explored in an hysterical and charming collection of comic strip adventures, following a teeny tiny gang of dinosaurs as they wind each other up and muddle their way through the myths and mysteries of prehistoric life.

“…Very charming, VERY funny, and beautifully drawn…” Philip Reeve, author of Mortal Engines, Goblins and Oliver and the Seawigs. More here.

“One of our funniest family reads this year.” Playingbythebook.net More here.

“Exuberant, ebullient and stoopid to boot, this has stampeded to the top of my Babel of books to be recommended to all young and impressionable minds” Stephen Holland, Page 45 More here.

The Terrible Tales of the Teenytinysaurs! is an absolute gem of all-ages storytelling – vibrant, animated and utterly endearing.” Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier More here.

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Also available as Les énormissimes aventures des Dinominus from Nathan in France AND De verschrikkelijke verhalen van de mini-dino’s from Leopold in Netherlands.