Derek and Vern in TBK mag!

Derek the Sheep turns up all over the shop alongside fellow sheep compatriot Vern, in TBK magazine this month!

TBK is a brilliant mag all about new and groovy childrens books and this issue is their 30th anniversary issue. Even my old china plate Jamie Smart has his fizog plastered in there as he chats about his brilliant kids book Find Chaffy (buy it! BUY IT!!! How I loved Find Chaffy. Sigh.).

Me and Sarah Mcintyre, creator of Vern and Lettuce (buy that too!!!) did a quick 4 panel comics jam for the mag, which has a hilarious ending, even if I do say so myself. Here’s one of my panels…

If you pop over to Sarah’s blog, you can see one of her panels too! So exciting.

We have original illos dotted throughout the mag, so I’m sure it’ll be worth thousands of pounds in the future. So best get a copy now, unless you intend to become a millionaire in the not too distant future!