Sarth London Clouds

I loves clouds me.

I think my obsession started from when I worked on Little Cutie and I began messing with painterly clouds in the background. I kept thinking “These clouds are rubbish. I need to observe proper clouds and stuff”. I never did, but it always nagged me in the back of my brain that I should sketch some proper clouds like a proper artist. But I never have time to be a proper artist, so I started taking photos of the fluffy wonders.

And then I became obsessed.

I have a terrible collecting mentality/affliction and once something piques my interest I need to dive in headfirst and know everything about them, have every one of them, pore over every bit of info about them, to the detriment of everything else in my life.

Currently I love cumulonimbus and boy we get some mad ones here in South London (see the beauty up top). They’re so dramatic and foreboding and so damned HUGE.

We get especially big ones outside our studio. Check out this monster:

And here’s a cheeky one above Clarence House from Tuesday (Not strictly South London I know)…

I’m not sure if I’ll ever put one in a comic, but I loves ’em anyway and will keep taking photos of them and stashing them in my flickr stream.

Gotta collect them all!