Come to Thoughtbubble 2011!

Yep, I’ll be at Thought Bubble this weekend (19/20th November), which looks like being a real humdinger. Two massive halls crammed with a billion cartoonists (count ’em).  I’ll be at Table F in  Saviles Hall, alongside the marvellous Douglas Noble.

I’ll be selling my last remaining copies of the officially-sold-out-never-to-grace-the-face-of-this-earth-again Derek The Sheep book. Not got a copy yet? Then you’d better hurry up cos it’s officially a masterpiece and one of 1001 comics YOU MUST READ BEFORE YOU DIE!!!!

I’m on page 785 (I know that page off by heart now). Here’s the evidence, purposely shown at low-res so you have to go out and buy the book, (which is actually an amazing read I have to say, including many reviews from fellow Fleece Stationer Ellen Lindner and her partner Stephen Betts, mastermind behind Eurocomics translation site Comics Influx)

(See Mr. Beano? See what you’re missing?)

I’ll also have my extremely scarce Bad Dog Newspaper, collecting all my favourite Bad Dog strips from over the years. I’ll not be reprinting this one either, seeing as it cost me a million pounds* to make! (*approx) Yeah, I know it’s more expensive than all those lovely full colour newspaper anthologies doing the rounds, but this is ALL ME and I only made 50 of them, so they’re FLIPPIN’ RARE!!! So get those before they disappear.

Hot off the press will be a Burp mini-comic fold out thingy…

And last, but not leastly, I’ll be signing NELSON at some point. Nelson the brilliant anthology from Blank Slate…

I’ll talk about it more another time, but here’s a panel from my little strip in all it’s sparkling, clear glory…

So, that’s it. Hope to see you all at the weekend!

Bad Dog!

The folks over at Forbidden Planet have just posted a nice review of my jolly new comic newspaper from Newspaper Club called “Bad Dog”. Here’s a lovely picture of it:

Well, it’s not exactly new. For one, it’s been out since October (and was for sale at MCM Expo and Thought Bubble), and secondly all the strips are reprints from all over the shop.

Bad Dog was originally an exercise in making me draw something new every day on my Ye Olde Blog (now deceased). I would sit there for five minutes, scribble out a piece of nonsense, then post it straight on the net untouched. Yeah, Rock and Roll dude. I would then collect the best ones into mini-comics and sell them at comic shows alongside my other scribbly wares.

Not everyone appreciated my manic doodles, but some people did, so hooray!

The Bad Dog Newspaper is a bit of a “Best Of” containing my favourites from the two mini-comics; a rare strip from a Zombie comic published by Sex Gore Mutants; the story Freddy the Little Goldfish from it’s own mini and a strip previously only seen on t’internets which was a bit of a fan-favourite at the time (Singing Zebras).

For a while back in the olden days, I also ran an on-going Bad Dog strip involving Sydney being kidnapped for Greyhound Racing. I didn’t end it due to the oncoming juggernaut of Derek the Sheep, but I definitely want to finally finish it off soon and reprint it in some form or another (Along with my Bad Dog graphic novel idea I came up with a couple of years ago. Sigh, if only someone invented more hours in a day…).

If you want to buy one, then leave a comment (I’ll see your email). They’re £4.00 plus P&P (which might be pricey – around £3.00).