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Nat Geo Kids

Writing and drawing comic stories about Heroes and Heroines from history for National Geographic Kids since 2008. Many stories reprinted in Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia and South Africa. Winner of “Best Magazine Feature” at the National Geographic Awards in Washington, 2012.

Albert Einstein                                                                           Amelia Earhart

                amelia thumb 01      amelia thumb 02

Martin Luther King                                                                     Anne Frank

                annethumb1      annethumb2

Captain Scott                                                                             Emmeline Pankhurst

scott1      scott2          emmeline1      emmeline2

William Shakespeare

shakethumb1      shakethumb2



I regularly visit schools and libraries, teaching kids of all ages and abilities how to draw comics and cartoon characters.

A write up of a recent visit to Colman Junior school!

Due to the popularity of Julius Zebra, I am in extremely high demand for schools and libraries, so bear with me as I fight through my emails. If you don’t hear back from me after a week, then please do give me a friendly nudge!

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Little Cutie appeared in the much-loved, and much-missed, DFC weekly comic in 2008-2009.

cutie box02      cutie box      cutie flower big box

cutie frog01 big box       cutie frog02 big box