Burp the caveman part 1


  1. Yeeeeeeeee ^_^
    brilliant Gary!

  2. Aw, thanks Jamie 😀

  3. Ben Miller says:

    Charming 🙂 Good luck with this!

  4. Thanks Ben.

  5. Ben Norland says:

    Hurrah! Burp!

  6. Hooray! Cheers Ben 🙂

  7. Love it…great fun piece and very sweet too.x

  8. Thanks Claire 🙂

  9. Orlaith says to tell you she approves of Burp’s generosity of spirit. (Or something like that but in almost-five year old language.)

  10. Hooray! Yes Burp is a nice chap really.

  11. This is a perfect answer to the question How simple can you make a story and still call it good?