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Derek and Vern in TBK mag!

Derek the Sheep turns up all over the shop alongside fellow sheep compatriot Vern, in TBK magazine this month!

TBK is a brilliant mag all about new and groovy childrens books and this issue is their 30th anniversary issue. Even my old china plate Jamie Smart has his fizog plastered in there as he chats about his brilliant kids book Find Chaffy (buy it! BUY IT!!! How I loved Find Chaffy. Sigh.).

Me and Sarah Mcintyre, creator of Vern and Lettuce (buy that too!!!) did a quick 4 panel comics jam for the mag, which has a hilarious ending, even if I do say so myself. Here’s one of my panels…

If you pop over to Sarah’s blog, you can see one of her panels too! So exciting.

We have original illos dotted throughout the mag, so I’m sure it’ll be worth thousands of pounds in the future. So best get a copy now, unless you intend to become a millionaire in the not too distant future!

Run for the hills, Derek is here!

Woohoo! It’s that time of the month again i.e. a new issue of Beanomax hits the shops. And a new issue of Beanomax = a brand new Derek the Sheep story!! Yay!!!

That’s 9 Dereks in a row now. I totally OWN that mag! And I’ve just sent off the 10th, which is a two-parter and everything. W00t.

Here’s a panel from this month’s mad Derek strip:

Hahaha!!! Chaos ensues etc.

Please buy the Beanomax and support little ol’ Derek and the rest of the Beanomax crew. Sales have gone up 5%, halting a dramatic slide since he’s been in there (not that I’m saying it’s down to Derek or anything, just pointing out a jolly coincidence… or am I…?), so what are you waiting for? Buy the thing!!!


National Geographic Kids strips online!

As some of you may know, for the past two years I’ve written and drawn a comicstrip every month for the popular magazine National Geographic Kids. For the first 18 months or so I wrote jolly stories about individual people from history, such as Cleopatra, Nelson Mandela, Einstein, Scott of The Antarctic, that sort of thing (I have some on my webpage here).

Then in January we had a bit of a revamp and I came up with a little dude called Max the Mouse who would walk you through historical civilizations as a bit of a beleaguered tourist guide.

Here he is getting into a bit of gladitorial shenanigans…

Anyways, I was doing as bit of ego-surfing the other day and it turns out they’ve put a few of the Max strips online! Woohoo!

So here’s they are for your delectation (whatever that means):




They’re a bit chopped up from the original strips to fit the web format, but it’s great to see them on the website. Of course to see the strip proper, you’ll have to buy the mag every month! 🙂

Sarth London Clouds

I loves clouds me.

I think my obsession started from when I worked on Little Cutie and I began messing with painterly clouds in the background. I kept thinking “These clouds are rubbish. I need to observe proper clouds and stuff”. I never did, but it always nagged me in the back of my brain that I should sketch some proper clouds like a proper artist. But I never have time to be a proper artist, so I started taking photos of the fluffy wonders.

And then I became obsessed.

I have a terrible collecting mentality/affliction and once something piques my interest I need to dive in headfirst and know everything about them, have every one of them, pore over every bit of info about them, to the detriment of everything else in my life.

Currently I love cumulonimbus and boy we get some mad ones here in South London (see the beauty up top). They’re so dramatic and foreboding and so damned HUGE.

We get especially big ones outside our studio. Check out this monster:

And here’s a cheeky one above Clarence House from Tuesday (Not strictly South London I know)…

I’m not sure if I’ll ever put one in a comic, but I loves ’em anyway and will keep taking photos of them and stashing them in my flickr stream.

Gotta collect them all!

New Blog! New Strip!

New Blog!

Hello! I have a lovely new blog. Woohoo! Oh yes. I did have a blog millions of years ago back at the dawn of the internets called “Stupidmonsters” on blogspot, which I updated with mad comics and the like. But then I stopped using it. Sigh.

I can’t remember why I stopped it, but deep down I always missed having a blog and here at my studio the Fleecestation, I’m surrounded by pathological bloggers (I’m looking at you Sarah, Lauren and Ellen…) so I thought it would be rude not to have my own journal too.

No longer will I feel left out of the jolly blog conversations as I regale my fellow studio-mates with my tales of hilarious mis-spellings and weirdos who leave strange comments. Now I’m one of the gang!!! (Until, that is, I get bored and stop bothering posting like I did in the olden days.)

New Strip!

Exciting news! I have a new strip starring a fat bee called Bumble Billy. Billy has little wings and big shoes and he’s going to appear in every issue of Jim Medway‘s fab online mag Comical Animal (preview issue out now).

Here’s Billy, isn’t he lovely?

Hahaha! Poor old fat Billy, trying to get into the flower. Check out Comical Animal for brilliant comics from the likes of Lizz Lunney, Francesca Cassavetti, Dave Shelton and more! And maybe, if you like drawing stupid animals, you should contribute a strip too, Jim is always on the lookout for new stuff.

That’s it, I’m done! First post nerves begone!

Laters dudes!